Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Many Duplicated Departments Does Our Government Have???

A couple of days ago I posted the fact that every single government Department has an Office of Civil Rights - to make sure that the folks in that particular department aren't discriminated against.

It would be one thing if each department had a single person who made $40,000 a year, but they must have dozens of people employed. The department that spends the least on this is $9 mil, other departments spend $100 mil a year.

For what? For what?

Our culture today does not allow people to be discriminated against. If someone feels discriminated against, they file a law suit. That's how they do it in the private sphere - why does there have to be whole departments for this in the government arena????

Well...seems like the Office of Civil Rights isn't the only duplicated office.

The Department of States has a global warming arm...so does the CIA!!!!!!!!!

CIA Cuts Back on Global Warming Outreach Program
RUSH: The CIA, you might be interested in knowing the CIA has decided, because they gotta cut some budgets somewhere, that they are going to vastly cut back on their climate change, slash, global warming outreach program. The CIA. Did you know the CIA had a global warming climate change outreach program? I knew that NASA was reaching to Muslims. You know, I thought that sounded familiar. Snerdley says we did the story. I thought it sounded familiar when I saw it today.

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