Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perfect Solution if your cell phone bill is too high

I have a simple solution... very easy. stop talking on it so much!

NBC Laments High Cell Phone Bills

RUSH: NBC News: "Newest Family Budget Killer? It's the $300 Cell Phone Bill -- 'It's the biggest bill in the house, outside of the mortgage payment.' T.J. Pinales of Austin, Texas, holds his nose and writes a check to Verizon Wireless every month for about $325, astonished that telephone service now occupies the No. 2 slot in the family budget. But NBC News heard that lament again recently as readers responded to a story about a wireless trade industry report claiming average cell phone bills are going down."

And, of course, people say, "No, they're not, they're going up." In fact, some cell phone bills are averaging close to $400 a month, which for a lot of people is making the cell phone a luxury. But I remember the people that have Obama phones. They have the free phones and they have up to 120 minutes free. And they know exactly how to get an Obama phone. And it doesn't take much. Now, I don't know the quality of the phones. I don't know what kind of add-on service that you get.

But it's clear, ladies and gentlemen, there's too big a dichotomy here. This is just not fair. Some people paying $300, $400 a month for cell phone service and some people aren't paying anything. What's the solution? Nobody should pay anything. The government, just like it should take over Hostess and save the Twinkies and save the unions. Take over the cell phone bill payment process just like they're taking over student loans. Wouldn't you rather have the government paying for your cell phone bill? You wouldn't? This is a responder to NBC's poll: "As far as I'm concerned, it seems like a huge rip-off, but what do you do?" The family never eats out. "There's a lot of stuff we don’t do because we have the bills we have."

Do you believe this? Cell phone bills are keeping people from buying food or eating out at restaurants. Cell phone bills. Do you even care what yours is, Snerdley? Do you even look at your cell phone bill? You do? Are you in the 300, $400-a-month average payment range? You are? H.R. can't believe you pay that much.

I'm going to assume that these people with $400 a month cell phone bills access the internet with it, play games with it, send text messages and so on, and that the $400 is actually for a family of four or something.

People need to stop whining about this and just stop spending so much.

I pay $80 a year for my cell phone. It's a Tracphone, and I get double minutes. I talk to people when I need to, not because I can't stand to have a minute of the day go by when I'm not chattering to someone on the phone while I'm trying to back out of a parking space in a grocery store, and vice versa.

Well, I suppose I should make a confession. I just bought a new Tracphone, a Samsung-something-or-other that cost me $40. The $80 per year for minutes won't change, especially since I get free triple minutes with this phone.

I didn't need this new phone, my old one works find and I loved it. It's a flip top and looks like a Star Trek Communicator. (Beam me up, Scotty!_ But the one thing it wouldn't do that I wanted it to do was let me upload my own ringtones, and I really want to have "This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us, Earthmen" as my ringtone!

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