Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why Romney lost

Today's my day to volunteer at the library, so I'll be llate posting tonight, but just thought I'd get this in...

Rush started out his monologue today by saying this wasn't a defeat for conservatism, but rather that conservatism lost to Santa Claus. He compared the American populace to kids who wanted gifts from Santa Claus instead of having to go to work.

I think there's more to it than that.

Several Republican "nutjobs" shot themselves and Romney in the foot.

Well, Romney shot himself in the foot during that foreign policy debate - he could have excoriated Obama over Benghazi but did not do so.

But Republicans are seen as religious folk who think that if God wants a rape victim to get pregnant, she should get regnant. No abortion. That probably cost Romney a few hundred thousand votes right there.

Then there's those who wanted girls to be able to use birth control, so as to not be punished in their youthful stupidity with a baby. Makes sense to most folks but not to Republicans.

Then there's gay marriage.

Many election cycles ago...I believe the one during the last 2 years of George Bush 43s term, Hannity tried to pound home the message that people must sacrifice their own wants to the greater good.  So. if you were gay, vote for Republicans anyway because even though they were against gay marriage, the health of the country was more important and they'd be better stewards than Dems. And so on. But people voted for their own personal reasons..and really, can you blame them?

I can't say I'm not surprised Obama won. I am surprised, and very scared about the direction the country is heading. But Republicans have no one to blame but themselves.

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