Monday, November 19, 2012

I vacillate on who I want to win Bears vs 49ers...

I'm watching the game and just saw some idiot on the 49ers team make a play - this is in the first quarter, but admittedly the 49ers are up by 10 - but this guy makes a play but then he's so happy with himself that he runs for a few yards with his arms spread wide nodding his head like an idiot, I just wanted to kick him.

So now I want the Bears to win.

Of course if a Bears player makes a "play" and then acts like an opinion might swing back...

IT's so hard to watch football these days. You never see the guys just play the game and then celebrate spontaneously with their teammates - no, everything is choreographed and "look at me!"

And the relief quarterback for the Niners, Kaeperning or whatever, either needs to grow a mustache or shave off that thing on his chin. I'm so tired of those stupid soul patches guys wear. They're stupid patches.

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