Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 Nov 2012, Wed, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--This Will Get Turned Around
--Woman Obama Embraced After Sandy Hasn't Gotten Help, But It's Okay Because He Cares and Republicans Don't
--It's J.R. Ewing vs. Gilligan! Obama Will Win the Fiscal Cliff Standoff, and End the Traditional American Path to Wealth
--So Now Benghazi is About the GOP's Racism and Sexism?
--Sign of National Resentment for the American Way of Life: Kristof Angry About Private Generators During Sandy
--There Will Be Growth in the Energy Sector
--Mayor of Realville Decrees: Accept the Realities of America 2012 That Are Staring Us in the Face
--If Obama Had an Older Brother, He'd Look Like Morsi
--Obama Won. Why Would Anybody Think There Would Be Spending Cuts or Entitlement Reform?
--Thoughts on the Latino Vote
--From Zucker to The Oprah, Democrats Defend Their Failures
--Banning Mockery and Smoking Near Bars? Legalize Marijuana? Sure! It's America 2012!
--Republicans are Shell Shocked
--Poll: Government Shouldn't Run Health Care
Stacks of Stuff
--What Happened to the Recovery?
--Investor Confidence Drops Below Consumer Confidence

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