Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give the SoS a chance!

Rush was really raking Hilary Clinton over the coals today - basically because of what the media says about her...presumably, although I haven't seen any media claims of what Rush is saying!

RUSH: Since Hillary Clinton has arrived on the scene and called for everybody to calm down, Hamas has executed -- this is after Hillary shows up and asks for calm -- Hamas has executed alleged Israeli spies and kicked and spat on their bodies.  They dragged one of them through the streets of Gaza behind a motorcycle, and then they celebrated.  Then Hamas blew up a bus full of Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv, and they celebrated that, too.  Maybe that's how Hamas calms down.  Who is Hamas?  What is Hamas?  Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is the Muslim Brotherhood.  I don't get it.  Hillary said she talked to Morsi.  Well, what happened?  I don't understand, why don't Obama and Hillary just tell Hamas if they don't behave they're gonna tell Morsi and get 'em in trouble?

Well, of course Morsi knows.  Morsi's probably behind all this.  Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, Hamas an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, if Obama and Hillary don't have any pull with this guy... the only thing we haven't given this guy that he wants is the blind sheik.  We have given Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood untold billions of dollars.  We put the filmmaker behind the video that caused all the problems, put him in jail for a year.  You would think we would have some pull with the guy.  But I guess we won't 'til we give him the blind sheik.
By the way, it's becoming a broken record.  I purposely watched CNN's coverage for just 20 minutes this morning, and I've seen it my whole life.  The latest outbreak of violence in the Middle East, the Israelis minding their own business, not doing anything, and all of a sudden rockets start landing.  The next thing that happens is the media gets over there as fast as they can and shows Hamas suffering.  The Hamas people, they have mastered the art of creating the photo-op of grievance and suffering, and of course the media is a sucker for that every time.

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