Friday, November 9, 2012

9 Nov 2012, Fri, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Feliz Navidad! In Response to the Charge That He Caused the GOP Loss, El Rushbo Reaches Out to "Baraka Claus" Voters with EIB Amnesty
--Hispandering: Is That What We Need to Do?
--Prez Should Tap Romney as Secretary of Business
--NY/NJ Needs More Faith in Its Government
--Democrats Won This Election on Turnout in 5 States
--Obama Dog & Pony Show on the Fiscal Cliff
--Benghazi and the First Horse-Faced Secretary of State
--Mitt Romney, Republican Minorities, are Hated By the Left
--Mexican Listens to Rush, Shockingly Votes Republican
--There Will Be Amnesty, Folks
--Reagan: Don't Give Up Your Ideals in the Face of Losing
--Caller Says Baraka Claus is the Grinch Stealing Our Stuff
--How to Help Women & Hispanics Progress? Obamacare!
Stack of Stuff
--New Orleans FEMA Trailers to NYC
--Argentina is Our Future
--Daniel Craig Says there'll Never Be a Bond, Gay Bond
--Obama's Approval Rating Drops Back Down
--We're Here for the Long Haul at EIB
--St. Lucie County Goes Blue ...

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