Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama playing golf while NY is without power

Rush, and Sean, and Glenn Beck, had several talking points throughout the first 4 years of Obama's presidency.

 One was that he played golf all the time when he should have been working.

No one cared, as evidenced by the fact that the guy was re-elected.

 So he's golfing again while NY is without power, and of course Rush mentions it.

 But no one cares.

 My own thought is... why in the world do New Yorkers put up with Bloomberg?

I think I shared it yesterday, though if not I'll share it today... churches and other folks are no longer allowed to donate food to homeless shelters, because if they do that, the government can't monitor the fat intake and calories those poor homeless people are getting, and god forbid they should eat food that has fat or too many calories! Now that the government has taken over welfare, time for us to stop donating, eh. Government takes enough out of our taxes - let them deal with people who need help, since that's what they want.

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