Friday, November 30, 2012

Obama does seem to be achieving his goals, as do the Democrats

Rush put it very well yesterday:
RUSH: In the first busy broadcast hour, I laid out the case for wanting Obama to succeed. I laid out the case. I made the case I thought rather well. I don't believe that Obama is concerned about a legacy in the way it is being said he's concerned about a legacy. I hope he succeeds. My point is, look, I don't want to repeat the first hour, and I know most of you heard it, but my basic point is that I hear everybody say that the Republicans have leverage because Obama doesn't want a second recession in his second term 'cause that would not lead to a positive legacy, and I need somebody to explain to me why Obama cares about not having a recession in his second term.

If his objective is to totally transform this country, and he's in the middle of successfully doing that, why be worried about something like a recession when a recession will further advance the transformation of the country? He wants a redistributionist welfare state. He wants a government continuing to grow. If we go into a recession, what are people gonna call for? More government spending to get us out of it! A recession's made to order. He has a legacy, yeah, he has a legacy concern. He wants to be written about in the future as a great socialist, a guy who finally, finally corralled the United States and defeated the entire capitalist structure and turned it into a burgeoning Western European socialist democracy, some such thing as that.

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