Friday, November 30, 2012

Rush headlines for 29 Nov 2012

--Obama's Objective is Transforming an Unjust America, Not Economic Growth or Averting a Recession
--Just Walk Away, Republicans
--Barack? I Hope He Succeeds (in Going Over the Cliff)!
--A Recession Only Helps Obama Grow Government
--Democrats Are After Your 401(k)
--Details: The Plan to Steal Your 401(k)
--The Problem Is Not Just Negative Attacks on Republicans, But the People Who Believe Them
--Let's Go Back to the Clinton Spending Levels
--Millions Will Now Pay the Alternative Minimum Tax
--We Can NEVER Pay Off All This Debt
--Left Throws Susan Rice Overboard
--Why Mitt Lunched at the White House
--RIP, Zig Ziglar, Classic Motivator
--Caller is 45 and Just Realized Money Isn't Free
Stack of Stuff
--Husband Claims Drug Turned Him into Gay Sex & Gambling Addict
--Terms "Bride, Groom, Husband, Wife," No Longer Used in Washington

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