Friday, November 2, 2012

Some times Rush - and Sean - should just leaveit alone

The Daily Standard or some paper in England reported that Biden had said he'd never been proud a day to be Obama's vp. But of course, what he meant was that he'd been proud every day, and if you listen carefully to the audio - which of course Rush couldn't do, being deaf, it's clearly just his American accent that makes it seem like he says he's not proud. If you listen to it, he's saying, "There's never been one single day that I 'adn't been proud to be his vice president." It's there, quite clearly. And frankly, even if he had said he wasn't proud, you know he meant to say he was, and to imply otherwise is just stupid. And it's not like Rush, Sean, Beck and others haven't mispoken, either. By doing this type of thing, criticizing stupid stuff like this, Rush, Sean, Glenn Beck etc. just give ammunition to the opposition who point out how childish they are, how vindictive! Then when the real stuff happens - as for example Benghazi, the people think...well, they make a fuss about a simple mispronunciation - I bet they're just lying about this too. That's why we - Republicans - must be like Ceasar's wife - above reproach. Attack only the bad stuff, and let the silly stuff slide.

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