Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beware the Amazon Store Card

I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon... last time I did so, a week ago, I got a little pop up promising me $10 off on my order if I "applied" for an Amazon Store card. I did and was approved immediately. Only spent $46 total (after the $10 was subtracted) on a new Tracfone phone I wanted though really didn't need. But I can't add ringtones of my own to my old phone, and I've yearned to have "This is the voice of the Mysterons" as my ringtone for many years.

Anyway, got the documentation today. Of course it's not a real card, just something to have, I guess, since Amazon is a virtual store.

But the interest rate, which I don't think I saw mentioned before...is 26%!


If I need to buy something on credit I'll stick with my credit card, thank you, which is at 10%. (But I don't buy much on credit anymore, anyway.)

Anyway, since I'm sure all my subscribers here are great readers, just thought I'd clue you in on this if you're tempted to apply for such a card!

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