Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why should "Debate Prep" Be a Drag?

That's what Obama said yesterday, and it's a bit puzzling. He's been President for 3 and a half years...he has 3 and a half years of his own policies to defend...what's to prepare?

Having said that...it was hardly a "Presidential" thing to say.

Obama: Debate Prep is a Drag
RUSH: You know, show prep is such a drag. I wish I could be out playing golf. Yeah, yeah, they're making me do it. Everybody is making me stay in and do show prep, but I really want to be out there playing golf. I'm thinking, you know, why even prep? Why not just show up here and start saying whatever pops into my mind and then hope that my buddies in the media cover for me. Obama says it's a drag preparing for the debate.

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