Friday, October 5, 2012

Rush's headlines from Thu, Oct 4 home late last night from Scrabble club!

--The Debate Proved It! Conservatism Trounces Liberalism in the Arena of Ideas
-- Romney Delivered One of the Best Debate Performances in My Lifetime
--Dems Don't Know What Hit 'Em
--RNC Video Sums Up Debate Brilliantly
--Jim Lehrer Couldn't Save Obama
--Obama: That Wasn't the Real Romney
--The Media Freak Out is Fun to Watch
--Snap Poll Heartbreak for Blitzer
--Will Leftists Riot If Romney Wins?
Stack of Stuff
--Massive Audience for Debate, Fox Wins Ratings
--What Did Christie Know?
--Brokaw: If Romney Acted Like Obama, Election Would be Over
--Press Corps Follows President Romney from Debate
--Politico: Obama Throws Punches Today ...

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