Friday, October 12, 2012

General consensus: Biden won

Everyone - who is a Republican or Conservative - on the Hannity Message Board forums is complaining about Biden's smirky demeanor last night.  The Democrats are pointing out that since they're concentrating on that, they know that Biden won.

And how can Biden have won if he's an idiot, as Rush keeps claiming.

That's the problem with Rush - and the folks on the Hannity message boards (that I spend a lot of time reading, I confess) dismissing folks so casually. You start believing what they say, then when they get out in the real world among people who don't listen to Rush or Hannity...all of a sudden you find out that they're viewed totally differently than what you've been told.

So I guess the Presidency is going to come down to the next 2 debates featuring the President and Romney. Will the President actually do some preparation this time?

(One of the comments at Hannity is that Reagan lost the first debate to Mondale (according to the Wall Street Journal: (When President Reagan lost his first debate against Walter Mondale in 1984, he looked tired and confused, noted the Wall Street Journal.) and yet he came back to win the subsequent debates.

Will Obama be able to do the same?

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