Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Would we be at war with Libya if Obama had acted?

Rush, Hannity and Glenn Beck have all been pounding on Obama because he knew - immediately - that the 7 hour assault on our embassy in Libya wasn't over some stupid video, but rather a terrorist attack, and he did nothing. (Did the LIbyan government at least send troops there to try to help, I wonder?)

Rush had this to say today:

RUSH: It could be very simple. Obama simply wasn't engaged when this was going on. He wasn't around. He didn't want to be engaged. He didn't want to be told. He didn't want to have to do anything, and therefore they were paralyzed. Nobody knew what to do because he didn't care.
But what I'm thinking is... the consulate or wherever the 4 murdered Americans were, was not US sovereign territory. (Embassies and consulates aren't, contrary to popular belief.) So if we'd dropped a Quick Action Team in there, and they'd killed all those terrorists - they could easily have been arrested by the LIbyan soldiers. could they tell the difference between the terrorists and Libyan soldiers/police - assuming any were detailed to the Consulate to try to save American lives. So Obama may simply have thought it was better to let 4 men die, then to get involved in a war with Libya to rescue the men gone in to save those 4 men. (Obviously after that, we don't really need to go to war with Libya since they're on the other side of the world...) But there's no doubt there was a cover-up. And there's no doubt that by constantly pointing out that it was all due to the anti-Islam video, he just gave the loons who were protesting more energy to do so, and opened up the door for the loons who are approaching the UN demanding that "insulting Islam" be made illegal.

I'd like to see Islam put on trial, frankly. How many murders have been committed in the name of Allah, "the merciful and compassionate." Let's not forget that little Afghani girl, shot by the Taliban, who claimed their attempt to murder her was perfectly justified because she'd said bad things about them - in addition to trying to get girls to be allowed to get an education! Oh, horror!

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