Monday, October 29, 2012

The death of Sport

Well, San Francisco Giants won the World Serious, and 10,000 people celebrated, and 100 people decided to go on a riot and burn cars and destroy things. And seems like rather than stepping in and arresting all these folks and putting them in jail for about 10 years, the police just stood around and let them do their destruction.

It seems like every time a sports team wins a championship, we get these loons going out who lust for destruction. Do such people deserve to be amongst the general populace, or can we fly them all out to Madagascar for a few years. If they can't live like civilized human beings they don't deserve to be in civilization.

And how many cities dread Halloween? Not because of the death of the innocent past time of trick or treating caused by the loony tunes who hand out poisoned candy, but because of the excuse some people use it for. In Detroit, for example, it's called Devil's Night and there will be rioting and destruction just for the sake of it.

My own view - all rioters should be rounded up and put in prison for 10 years, or sent to some remote country until they beg to come back to civilization.

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