Monday, October 8, 2012

8 Oct 2012, Mon, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Another Home Run: Romney Speech Lays Out Clear, Confident Foreign Policy Vision
--The Left Still Can't Come to Grips with What Happened to Obama at Last Week's Debate
--Regime Narrative: Romney Lied
--Lara Logan Lifts the Veil on Barack Obama's Failure in the War Against Islamofascism
--Obama Donors Get Obama Phone Kickbacks
--The Legend of Hillary Rodham Clinton
--F. Chuck Todd Feels October Chill, Admits GOP Enthusiasm is a Big Problem for Dems
--Matalin Puts Krugman in His Place
--Drive-Bys Target Jack Welch and El Rushbo for Refusing to Accept the "New Normal"
--Dealing with Lib Relatives is Tricky
Stack of Stuff
--Colorado Model Still Shows Romney Winning
--Princeton Economist: Obama is Lying About Me
--Regime Congratulates Chavez
--Jets and Tebow in Game 666...

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