Thursday, October 25, 2012

The president is sure getting a lot done today...

9 pm Nevada time (midnight eastern, Washington DC time) he's making a campaign speech in Las Vegas.

Gets to Tampa at 6:50 am eastern time. I suppose he could grab 6 hours of sleep on Air Force One.

He delivers remarks at a campaign event in Tampa. Will be in Florida for a couple of  hours total.

Richmond, Virginia for about 3 hours to speak at a campaign event.

Flies to Chicago, IL specifically so he can vote!   Why not vote by absentee ballot so you don't have to waste time - and aviation fuel - and our tax money - making a stop there just to vote? By voting on an absentee ballot you can show how easy it is to do that if you've got the proper ID...

Then he goes to Cleveland to deliver remarks at a campaign event

And finally back to the White House at 11:05 pm

Operating on less than 6 hours of sleep, and I suppose cat naps throughout the wonder he doesn't have time for security briefings and makes the occasional verbal gaffe here and there... (and yes, Romney is no stranger to verbal gaffes either... )

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