Monday, October 29, 2012

29 October 2012, Mon, Rush Limbaugh Headlines

--Weather Gods Interfere in the Campaign -- and the Left Prays the Storm Helps Obama
--November Limbaugh eLetter Goes Live
--Suddenly, Polls Don't Matter, Endorsements Don't Matter -- and Ohio Doesn't Matter?
--Latest on Benghazi: Tyrone Woods Painted a Target, But the Missile Never Came
--Low-Rent Drive-By Media: 2008 is in the Past and Americans are Racists Again
--The Undeniable Pro-Romney Surge
--Disgusting Pro-Obama Ad Exploits Kids
--Caller: This Show Opened My Eyes
--Press Corps to Spokeskid Carney: Can the President Postpone the Election?
--Clueless Obama Wants to Create "Secretary of Business"

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