Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So who won the debate?

I didn't watch it, I confess - I had to watch Yankees lose to the Tigers and besides, I already know who I'm going to vote for (Romney)!

But lots of folks at the meesage boards watched it and there were two official threads on it, which I kept track of via my laptop.

And it was the same old thing - Republicans saying Romney knocked this or that question out of the park, Democrats saying that Obama smacked down Romney on China, etc.

Apparently Romney did let Obama off the hook via the debacle in Libya - which is a pity because that whole thing never should have happened....both the debacle of the murders in Benghazi and the debacle of Obama trying to explain it away (although it must be admitted - and Rush and Hannity ignored this - even though Obama said the video was "disgusting" he also said a disgusting video was no reason to attack an embassy and murder people, so it's not like he was giving the murderers a free pass).

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