Monday, October 15, 2012

When Did The Media Start Making News Instead of Reporting It? be honest it's probably been a long time. I think we got into at least one war because of Randolph Hearst's urging that we get involved...

But I am sick and tired of hearing people who are supposed to *report* the news, talking about what politicians should do. Tom Brokaw is a case in point. He apparently was asked what Obama should do about that 47% comment of Romney's.... I wonder if he was ever asked what Romney should do about Obama's total lack of control in Benghazi, the fast and furious mess, etc.

RUSH: Tom Brokaw this morning on the Today Show. Savannah Guthrie: "We've been known to hype things in the past here in the media, but this is a very high-stakes moment." What we have here is the media advising Obama on how to bring up Romney's 47% comment. BROKAW: The president can take a playbook page from what Vice President Biden did the other night in one answer talking about 47%. Where are your tax returns? We're gonna cut taxes for middle class, and if you're making more than a million dollars a year you're gonna raise taxes. I think that we'll see the president coming after him saying, "This is the Mitt Romney today. This is a different Mitt Romney than we just saw a month or so ago."

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