Thursday, October 18, 2012

18 Oct 2012, Thurs, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Obama's Second-Term Agenda: More Food Stamps, More Welfare, More Dependence
--Romney Now Up Seven in Gallup (52-45); Swing State Polls Swing Toward Mitt
--Apple Products Create Jobs in America
--Obama, Biden and Their Minions in the Media Insult the Intelligence of Women
--Levin: Reagan Had Binders Full of Women Applicants, Doesn't Obama?
--What's Bill Clinton Talking About?
--All You Need to Know on Libya: Obama Lied
--What Happened to Obama's Jobs Council?
--If You Don't Vote, You're Voting for Obama
Stack of Stuff
--Romney Takes First Lead in RCP Electoral College Calculation
-- Durbin: We Have to Fix Obamacare
--Koch Brothers Deliver Cheap Gas to St. Louis
--Hillary to Women: Stop Whining

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