Thursday, October 25, 2012

Donald Trump's slippery slope

Yesterday, Trump released a video in which he offered to give $5 mill to a charity or charities of Obama's choice if he'd reveal his college records to his, Trump's satisfaction.

On the one hand I'd love to see Obama's college records. How did he get into college - on a scholarship as a foreign exchange student claiming Indonesian citizenship, or what. What were his grades, etc.

But of course now people are saying, if Soros offers to give $5 mil to charities of Romney's choice, will he reveal all his tax records? And frankly, I had no interest in Romney's tax records until I learned that he refuses to release all but the last 3 years, when anyone else who has done it releases ten  years or so. I am kind of curious as to what he's concealing.

I must say that our election system is out of whack. Think of the money these folks are spending to campaign. For the President, think of the time he's wasting. Jetting around practically every single day, leaves precious little time for him to keep up to speed on what's going on in the Middle East. I don't care how comfortable Air Force One is...if you're keyed up after making a speech at midnight your time in one location, and have a six hour flight time before getting to another location...that's less than 6 hours of sleep he'll be giving. I wonder if he's using 5 Hour Energy?

What should be de rigeur for political candidates? mystery about their birth. All birth certificate info to be given up immediately.
All college transcripts to be given up immediately. (But do college transcripts really prove anything? How many scions of wealthy families get a free-grade-ride through college just like athletes do? Otherwise mom and dad won't pay for a new wing or renovate  the sports stadium or what have you...)

Candidates shouldn't travel the country at all. Stay at their homes and give speeches on a big screen. Think how much money that would save!

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