Friday, October 26, 2012

26 Oct 2010, Fri, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Obama Regime Denied Requests for Help from CIA Heroes During Benghazi Attack
--What Biden and Hillary Told the Father of Former SEAL Killed in Consulate Attack
==We Don't Need Conspiracy Theories to Explain What Happened in Libya
--War on Women? Obama Ad Compares Voting for Obama to Losing Your Virginity
--With All the Polling Data Trending to Romney, Bite-Me Goes to Wisconsin!
--Biden: Romney Wants $500 Trillion Tax Cut
--Are Some in the Chain of Command Still Haunted by Carter's Failed Rescue in 1979?
--Elected Democrat Won Over by This Show
--Another New Listener Finds Out This Program Doesn't Match What He'd Heard
--The Messiah Puts Mitt in Dunce Cap

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