Monday, October 8, 2012

Rush pleased with Romney's foreign policy speech

This was rock solid today from Romney. It was presidential, it was solid, it was confident, and it's a speech given amidst an increasingly chaotic and volatile Middle East. It was just such a great, great, great contrast. He said something very interesting. The first purpose of a strong military is to prevent war. That's exactly right. You build the B-2 bomber hoping you never have to use it. This is what the left never understood and to this day never understands about the defense budget. You build all of these weapons as deterrents. National security means something. Safety, protection the American people.

You build these weapons to send a message to the rest of the world: "Don't try it." If you couple that with a leader in the Oval Office with the will to project American power, you have deterrence, and that is what Romney did today. He very intelligently, solidly, confidently projected American power and gave an indication of how he would do that as president. You know, Obama's speeches, when you get to Obama speeches on foreign policy, they aren't solutions. In fact, Obama's speeches on anything are not solutions. In the area of foreign policy, Obama's speeches are green lights to aggressors. Obama's a green light. Every time he speaks, he's a green light to our aggressors. He's an appeaser. He blames a videotape for eight days. Today Romney blamed the terrorists.

We continue to learn so much. Do you know the day of the attack the ambassador asked for help? In addition to days leading up to the attack in Benghazi, and got none. So this upcoming foreign policy debate between Romney and Obama's gonna be a great opportunity I think, again, folks to educate the American people about just how lax our foreign policy is, our national security apparatus is. I don't know how far Romney wants to go into it, but there are foreign policy scandals galore he could talk about. Fast and Furious is one. The debacle in Libya. Americans are dead. Americans have died under Obama and his foreign policy. So we'll see.

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