Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Oct 2012, Tues, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--As Predicted, the Corrupt Polls "Tighten"
--George Will on President Barack Obama, America's Affirmative Action Hire
--Univision Won't Give Up on Fast and Furious
--Where is All the Election Signage?
--Caller's Report from a Romney Rally
--Friday's New Narrative is Already Old
--Regime Engaged in Libya Cover-Up Because They Wanted You to Think Al-Qaeda Died with Bin Laden
--Libya Mess Should Open Millions of Eyes
--Have You Hugged Your Garbage Man Today?
--Obama Campaign: Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend on It
--War on Women? Watch This Ad
--Everyone Thinks They Know What Mitt Should Do
--John Elway Endorses Romney
Stack of Stuff
--Obama: Debate Prep is a Drag
--Fleeing California
--PA Judge Reverses Himself on Voter ID
--Feds Buy Prison: Will Obama Close Gitmo in 2nd Term?
--NFL Players Debate Gay Marriage
--Doctors for Romney
--iPhone Maps
--Breitbart: Regime Ignored Multiple Requests for More Benghazi Security
--Akin CAN Defeat McCaskill
--Grahamnesty Takes Stand on Lockheed

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