Monday, October 1, 2012

Blacks can't get photo ids in California, but illegals can

This is just pathetic.

California OKs Bill on Illegal Immigrant Drivers Licenses
RUSH: "Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new law that will allow hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses and vetoed another that would have restricted sheriffs from helping federal authorities detain undocumented Californians for potential deportation. His actions, announced Sunday as the deadline neared to finish work on nearly 1,000 bills sent to him by the Legislature this year, followed an intense week of protests, prayer vigils and lobbying by immigrant advocacy groups.
"The governor also revived a tax break for Hollywood, allowed juvenile killers serving life in prison a chance for release and outlawed treatment intended to turn gay children straight. The laws take effect Jan. 1." So what you have here is a great example of how liberals are content, folks, to win things in very small incremental steps and how they get away with it.  Of course in California they can't be stopped.  The Republicans don't exist.
There simply aren't the votes.  But driver's licenses for illegals means they can vote.  If you're gonna give an illegal a driver's license, I guarantee you that person in some place in California is gonna find a sympathetic registrar, and that is the whole point.  And, by the way, a driver's license is what?  A photo ID! So if there is ever... If the left somehow loses that and photo ID becomes required? No problem! The illegals in California will have them.

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