Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How can a prison be bought with no money?

Feds Buy Prison: Will Obama Close Gitmo in 2nd Term?
RUSH: Fox News was covering the purchase of the Thompson prison in Illinois. Does that ring a bell? I can look at Snerdley. I know it does. His mind is churning. "Thompson prison... Thompson prison... Where have I heard Thompson prison?" That's the prison Obama wants to transfer Gitmo detainees to because New York wouldn't take 'em. So he bought this prison or wanted to buy this prison in Illinois and transfer Gitmo detainees there.

Congress denied them the funding to buy Thompson, but the executive branch has bought it anyway. That's the story on Fox. Obama went ahead and bought the prison. The deal was just consummated today. From the Chicago Sun-Times: "Done Deal: Feds to Buy Thomson Prison From State for $165 Million." So we have another end run around Congress. And if Obama's not reelected, this means it's a dead certainty that the Gitmo detainees he hasn't already freed will be put there.

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