Saturday, August 4, 2012

Can we drop the petty complaints?

President Obama golfed for the 104th time today.

Folks on are making a big deal of least - the Conservatives are.

Rush may mention it on Monday - though hopefully he won't.

Because - jee-sus, it was his birthday. What's the big deal.

Yes, I know he's enjoying himself way more than he should considering he's Prez of a bankrupt country that he's driving further into bankruptcy. I know they think nothing of taking separate planes within 4 hours of each other to go on vacation, or send their kids and 30 friends to Mexico for a weekend, and I'm not fine with that.

But it's his birthday and if he wants to play golf on his birthday (instead of spending it with the wife and kiddies going to a movie and sharing some family time!), that's his business!

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