Monday, August 6, 2012

Why Apologize When No Offense Was Intended?

NBC made the commercial with the monkey - and I found the commercial on Youtube and I think it's the same type of monkey from the movie Night at the Musuem, - and its perfectly innocent. If it had been a chimpanzee, then you could say it was racist - maybe, but it wasn't.

So why apologize for it? If some oversenstive folks were offended, that's their problem, just like the folks who were upset at that singer for no good reason.

Here in Cheyenne, I get commercials from the Rockeys. Carlos Gonzales, from Venezuela, makes a commercial for Taco Bell. More than that, he actually serves the tacos to some of the Rockies fans! And no one whines about that!

(Of course, that's mebbe because it happens in Colorado. If he were in Florida or somewhere with a large Latino population, who knows?)

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