Friday, August 31, 2012

Can a President Ever Win?

Mitt Romney has gone to New Orleans, sight of new flooding. (Really, ti's time to abandon that town or build some better dikes or berms or whatever!).

And according to Rush, Obama is "following" him there.

Obama, and indeed, any politician, has always had problems with things like this, although today with all the opposition media it's worse...

Does Obama go to New Orleans and be accused of exploiting the tragedy there for political profit, or does he not go, and be accused of not caring about the tragedy?

I'm sure Romney will be accused, by the other side, of exploiting the situation for his political profit.

Here's what Rush had to say:

Obama Follows Romney to New Orleans
RUSH: Well, this is interesting. Romney's first stop leaving Tampa today, New Orleans. Obama's first stop, Texas. Guess what? Obama changed his itinerary. Obama's now going to New Orleans. I kid you not. Romney announces he's going to New Orleans. It's been the lead item on Drudge for an hour or so. Leaving Tampa, also same item, on Drudge, Obama headed to Texas. What's Obama doing in Texas, by the way? And what's he doing all this time in Iowa for?

Now, why is he going to New Orleans? They've written Louisiana off. That's why Obama and the boys haven't been there during the actual hurricane or the storm. I mentioned this yesterday. They've already written it off. Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, going Romney. There's no reason to send FEMA in there. The photo op, don't need that. It's all about electoral votes now. But now that Romney's headed down, Obama's itinerary is changing a little bit and Obama's going into New Orleans. Fascinating.

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