Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why don't Americans expect to make their own way in the world anymore?

Here's what Rush said on the subject:
You know where I make my mistake? And that is not very many mistakes, so when I say where I make my mistake, I'm an idiot. I foolishly, blindly, stupidly, dummkopfedly assume that everybody wants to provide for themselves. (laughing) How silly. I do. I assume that everybody's trying to forge their way in the world and everybody's trying to make their mark, trying to climb their ladder, and everybody is trying to accomplish something, enjoy success, become the best they can be. I assume that that's what most people are trying to do. That's where I'm wrong. That's where I'm wrong.

I assume that most people are going to pay for their own car. I assume that most people are going to pay for their own food. I assume that most people are going to pay for their own house. I'm just dumb in that regard. A lot of people don't think that that's a responsibility of their own anymore. See, I think everybody's like me. I think everybody is blessed and understandingly blessed with incomparable freedom that people around the world don't have, and that the road is out there for 'em, as fast as they want to travel, much as they want to do. And I just make the mistake of assuming that that's the vast majority of the people in the country. It used to be. It used to be. I don't know. I hope we're not down to half. I hope there's still more than half that look at life as a triumph of rugged individualism and self-reliance and not selfishness. It's a big difference. Self-reliance and selfishness are two separate things. You know, self-interest is a great thing. It's not selfishness

Frankly, I blame the government. Welfare is what has corrupted us.

When welfare was first instituted, it was a temporary stopgap. People lost their jobs and needed help until they found another job, they'd take welfare payments. And they'd be ashamed to do it, and get off it as soon as possible.

Now, most people on welfare - permanently - see nothing wrong with it - because that's what our government has conditioned them to believe. It's the government's job to take care of you - either because it's owed to you (if you're a minority) or because why shouldn't you get a free ride if everyone else is getting one (if you're white.)

Now of course I'm not talking about everyone on welfare. Thousands of people are doing their best to stand on their own two feet. Problem is, percentage-wise, it's not a lot.

But whose to blame? I'd say, government. Condition people to accept the government teat, inculcate them with mass media that glorifies single motherhood - or at the very least, downplays the very real problems single mothers have, and you get the mess we're in right now.

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