Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 Aug 2012: Tues, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Biden to Virginia Audience: Romney and GOP are "Gonna Put Y'all Back in Chains"
--Do Democrats Know Obama Cut Medicare?
--Ryan's Proposal Offers Future Medicare Recipients Same Plan as Federal Employees
--Some Establishment GOP Consultants Don't Want the Romney-Ryan Ticket to Win
--Flashback: Obama Admits He Cut Medicare
--Michelle Obama Scolds Gabby Douglas for Eating an Egg McMuffin
--Romney and Ryan Take on Medicare
--Why Nobody Watches CNN: Soledad O'Brien

stack of Stuff
--Crowd Size Worries Regime
--Ryan Popularity Rises with Seniors
--Root: Ryan Should Shadow Obama
--Dems to Tout Failing Auto Bailout at DNC?
--On a Mission to Destroy Penn State
--Lebanese Protest Exam

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