Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are We Losing World Power Gracefully?

There's no doubt we're losing world power.

I'd say we're losing world power because we're so damn incompetent

How much money have we poured into other countries with absolutely no return? And this waste didn't start under Obama. It's been going on for decades.

But then I saw that he tweeted something, which has totally changed my opinion of Howard Fineman. He tweeted: "Brits long ago lost their empire, powerful currency. They've got social strife, but overall show us how to lose global power gracefully."

Show us how to lose global power gracefully. A tantamount admission that that's exactly what Obama's doing. Obama is a steward of a nation in decline. Obama is overseeing the decline. Obama is the author of the decline. And now we find that that's good and that we can learn from the Brits how to lose global power gracefully. Yes, there is a graceful way to lose global power. There's a wonderful way to go out there and become a doormat. And in the process, this is what we get now from the UK Telegraph: "Beijing Tells US To 'Shut Up' Over South China Sea Tensions." Do you think that the ChiComs, when either of the Bushes were president, or when Reagan was president, or even maybe Clinton was president, do you think the ChiComs would have put it out there that the US just shut up over South China Sea tensions? Talk about a diplomatic breach.

So I guess now we know what Obama's unique insights of being a global leader are. You sit there and you preside over the decline of the United States as a superpower. You sit there and maybe you do that because it was never a good thing that we were a superpower. That's probably it. It was never a good thing, because what did we do? Well, as a superpower in the world of Obama, we went around and we stole everything from everybody. And he subjugated people, and we enforced freedom on 'em. Yeah. That's right. We forced our way of life on people. We went in there, we liberated them from bondage and poverty, and then we made 'em live in freedom. And who were we to impose freedom on people? Who do we think we are?

And then we stole their oil. And we stole their natural gas. Then we stole their diamonds, and we started calling 'em blood diamonds. And then we propped up thug regimes of white people. And we went out there, we made sure that Third World nations stayed Third World and poor and so forth while we enforced freedom. What a horrible place this country has been. But now it's time to give it up. Now it's time to give away this superpower business, give away our weapons of deterrence, give away vestiges of our strength. It's time now to lose global power gracefully. Obama knows how to do it on his own. That's why he got the peace prize, but the Brits can show us how to do it gracefully, and we're seeing lessons now right in front of our faces as we watch the Olympics. I guess that's the message. So you have it. That's the future under Howard Fineman and Barack Obama.

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