Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29 Aug 2012, Wed, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Swing Voters Have Been Driven Insane
--Until Karma Gets Them, the Lib Media Will Always Portray Republicans as Rich Racists
--Convention Theme: It's About Love... or It's About Respect... But It's Not About Obama
--How to Respond to Unfair Attacks
--Let's Hear It for Mia Love
--Obama in Iowa: Romney Doesn't Care
--An Obama Voter on Kasich and GM
--GOP Governors Lead the Way
--Artur Davis: The Best Speech of the Night
--No Matter What Anyone Says or Doesn't Say, the Election is a Referendum on Obama

Stack of Stuff
--Teacher Helped Kids Cheat Because They Were "Dumb as Hell"
--You Don't Own Your Music or E-Books
--NOLA Mayor Announces Curfew
--Tonight: RINOs Plus Ryan...

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