Thursday, August 23, 2012

23 Aug 2012, Thu, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Republicans Shouldn't Give the Left the Power to Impact Their Own Self-Esteem
--Scary Stuff in Pew Study on Middle Class
--Poll: McCaskill Up 10 After Akin Debacle
--Clinton Lies in New Obama Ad
--Can the Country Survive Four More Years?
--DNC: A Celebration of Death and Taxes
--Bam Admits: Romney Coming on Strong
--Obama Says He's 5th or 6th Most Interesting Person at NBA Fundraiser, Including "Stop Snitchin'" DVD Star
--Analysis That Hasn't Missed Since 1980 Predicts Romney Will Win Big

Stack of Stuff
Will Hurricane Threaten EIB Southern Command? ... Percentage Chances Isaac Hits Tampa --Michelle Obama: Vote November 2nd
--Young People Angry About Economy
--VP Debate Moderator was Married to Obama Official
--Poll: Fix Deficit Before More Education Spending
--No El Rushbo at RNC

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