Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Can you survive seven years in Detroit?

Rush talked about this today. I thought it was funny.

Doomberg: Send Immigrants to Detroit

RUSH: We're talking about stupid things that people say, and maybe stupid people. "Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York said last week that the federal government should assign immigrants to live in cities such as Detroit and 'if they survive seven years' make them citizens. 'All the federal government’s got to do is say, "We’re gonna welcome here in this country--first come, first served--families, if they’re willing to come here under the following terms."'" Bloomberg was in Boston. It was August 14th he said this.

"We’re going to assign you a city -- let’s say Detroit -- you got to agree to not be arrested and not take any federal, state or city money, and you’ve got to live there for seven years, and if you survive seven years, we’ll make you and your family full citizens." Honest to God. He said it. Now, is anybody suggesting get this guy out of there? It's Cybercast News Service. Make immigrants live in Detroit. If they survive seven years, make 'em citizens. The mayor of New York City said that. He said this back on August the 14th. He was in Boston when he said it. It's a week ago that he said it. I'm not aware of anybody saying, "Oh, my God, oh, jeez, this guy's a Republican, oh, my God, he's embarrassing us, oh, jeez. Oh, we gotta get rid of Bloomberg." I don't even think anybody in Detroit said that.

How would you like to be the mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, and you get up and the mayor of New York says, "Hey, all you illegals, we're gonna send you to Detroit. You survive seven years there, not taking any federal or state money, and you qualify for citizenship.

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