Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Aug 2012, Thu, Rush LImbaugh headlines

Sorry for missing this last night, the actual Aug 30, but Scrabble last night wore out my little brain...

--Confident, Uplifting Convention Night Puts Obama in the Past, Knocks Dems Off Stride
--Analysis of Paul Ryan's Fabulous Speech
--Condoleezza Rice Epitomizes Class
--Susana Martinez Defends Success
--Nikki Haley: The Star of Tuesday Night
--The Bigotry and Racism of MSNBC
--Making Phone Calls to Our Two If By Tea Contest Winners is Just So Much Fun
--Yahoo News Fires David Chalian for Saying on Hot Mic What They All Say Out Loud
--Politico Reassures Media on Medicare
--Count on Rubio to Tackle Immigration
--Why Aren't Dems Exploiting New Orleans?
--Clint Eastwood is the Mystery RNC Speaker
--New Englanders Fed up with Politics? Good!

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