Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Aug 2010, Thu, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Have We Ever Seen Anything as Disgusting as the "Romney Killed My Wife" Ad?
--State-Run Media Equates Romney Welfare Ad with the Despicable Obama Murder Ad
--Bill Burton: We're Not Implying Romney Killed a Man's Wife, We're Just Telling the Story of How Romney Killed a Man's Wife
--Stephanie Cutter Lied About When She Heard the Story of How Soptic's Wife Died
--How Should Romney Combat Smears?
--Hey, Coulter Said It, Not Me
--The World According to Yahoo! News
--Gergen: Obama's Tactics are Working

Stack of Stuff
--Mars Conspiracy Theories Abound
-- Doomberg Shuts Down NYC Vibrator Giveaway
-- Dem Ad Depicts Allen West Beating Up Women, Stealing Money
--Obama Complains About Super PACs
--NFL Preseason: Who Cares?

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