Tuesday, August 28, 2012

But what names are they calling the Republicans?

Rush shared the tweets from Ellen Barkin and Samuel L. Jackson wishing that the hurricane would kill every Republican at the convention.
RUSH: Ellen Barkin, the actress, one of the many ex-wives of the Revlon chairman, Ron Perlman, openly said that she hoped the hurricane kills every pro-life, xenophobic, gay-bashing SOB at the Republican National Convention. "In the aftermath of the Family Research Council shooting, prominent voices on the Left have not tapped down their violent rhetoric against their opponents. Two Baby Boomer celebrities have taken to Twitter to hope pro-life, pro-family individuals and U.S. Congressman Todd Akin suffer a drowning or a same-sex rape, respectively.

"On Sunday, Ellen Barkin expressed her hope that Tropical Storm Isaac would smash up the Republican National Convention in Tampa and drown all its delegates. She retweeted the message of one of her followers that read: 'C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean!'" She retweeted it, and it was retweeted. She didn't say anything about it.

Samuel L. Jackson, noted actor, "tweeted it was 'unfair' that Tropical Storm Isaac had spared the GOP convention in Tampa and appeared to be heading for New Orleans. Jackson said in a profanity-filled tweet that he was 'not understanding God's plan' given the fact that the storm was not disrupting the Republican gathering. 'Unfair s---. GOP spared by Isaac! NOLA prolly f----- again!' Less than a half-hour later, Jackson apologized for the earlier tweet, writing that it had stirred up a hornet's nest. 'Apologies to God, Tampa, da GOP& Isaac(sp)!'" He apologized to the hurricane as well. And remember, now, this the party of love and tolerance, compassion, all that. Rotgut. They're better people than we are, folks. They're cool. They're hip. They're likable. They are the real party of hate. And they hate us more than they have ever hated. And their hatred is real. Their hatred for us is visceral. They despise us. I'm not exaggerating.

Rush does this a lot. The Dems "hate" the Republicans. Ellen Barkin "hates" the Republicans. But let's face it - Republicans hate Democrats too. If you ever read the Hannity.com message boards, there is literally hate dripping from the boards. Their hate is for "socialism".

Now, what is Ellen Barkin calling the Republicans? Well, xenophobic is unfair. I guess that's a dig at the fact that Republicans are trying to stop ILLEGAL immigration.

Pro-life? Well, according to Dems, Republicans want to force women to have babies - but then they don't give a damn about their quality of life after that.

Republicans are homophobic. (Although I dislike that term. They aren't afraid of gays. They're homo-despisers.) If you believe that gays are being unfairly targeted by Republicans, that homosexual youths are committing suicide because of the way they're treated, etc. etc.,

Frankly, I think Independents will turn to the Democrats because they don't like the way the Republicans treat gays and women who want abortions for whatever reason.

And of course there's the charge that all Republicans are racist. Once again, you just have to go to the Hannity.com boards. Posts spewing hatred for the President for his socialist tendencies and bankrupting this country would be understandable - but more than one guy there has referred to the President as "uppity" or as a "jive" president....terms they would never use for a white President...

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