Monday, August 6, 2012

WHY are Job Numbers Are Always Fudged....

I'd like to know what the real numbers are! Just tell us that without the stupid adjustments!!!!!

RUSH: Want to go back to the unemployment numbers that came out Thursday and Friday. You know, the employment number went up to 8.3%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that 163,000 new jobs were created. We used BLS numbers ourselves to show you how this isn't true. We talked about "seasonal adjustment." But a random act of journalism -- a stunning random act of journalism -- in the Washington Post yesterday in the Sunday paper.

They actually wrote (this was the headline): "Wait, the US Economy Actually Lost 1.2 Million Jobs in July? -- The US economy lost 1.2 million jobs between June and July. But that’s not how it got reported. When the Bureau of Labor [Technicalities] released its jobs figures for July, it said the economy gained 163,000 jobs. So what gives?" Well, they're not "hiding anything," as we pointed out last week. "The discrepancy just has to do with what's known as 'seasonal adjustments.'"

Now, you who are regular listeners are well aware of the seasonal adjustments in January and July being the two months, traditionally, where the BLS says the most jobs have been lost. But it's a guess. It's a wild guess. Even John Crudele writing in the New York Post said: Up 'til now, I knew the numbers were fudged. I mean up 'til now he knew they were playing games with the numbers, but not until last week's report did Crudele think that we were being lied to about it all for political purposes.

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