Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21 Aug 2012, Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh Headlines

--Akin's Remark was Stupid and Untrue -- Now He Must Put the Nation's Future First
--Has Obama Been Asked About the Big Sis Sexual Harassment Scandal?
--What the Class of 2016 Doesn't Know
--Barack Obama's Brother Turns to Dinesh D'Souza in Time of Need
--Rush Revere's Caribbean Cruise
--Flashback: Biden Blames Rape on GOP
--Akin Controversy Isn't About Abortion
--Callers Weigh in on Akin Decision
--E-Book Sheds Light on Obama's Fears
--What You Haven't Heard About Ryan
--An Obama Voter in Ohio Nirvana

Stack of Stuff
--It's Great to be Back at WRKO!.
--Dems Send Biden to Wrong Convention
--Akin Asked State GOP Chairman to Step Aside for DUI
--Doomberg: Send Immigrants to Detroit
--Regime: We Want Small Crowds
--Democrat State Rep. Caught Having Sex with 17-Year-Old Boy at Rest Stop

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