Friday, August 31, 2012

31 Aug 2012, Fri, Rush Limbaugh Headlines

--Mission Accomplished: Mitt Romney's Convention Calls on Us to Reclaim the American Greatness We Remember
--Clint Got Under Obama's Skin
--Carville-Greenberg Poll Panics Dems: Romney Leads Big Among Independents
--The American Dream as Described by Marco Rubio is Real -- But It's Under Assault
--The Obama Good Guy/Bad Guy Debate
--Lunatic Left Accuses Romney of Birtherism on Neil Armstrong Line
--Mitt Romney Doesn't Care, Mr. President?
--Al Hunt: Don't Let the Large Number of Elected Hispanic Republicans Distract You from the GOP's Problem with Hispanics
--The Democrat Convention Will Target Me

Stack of Stuff
--Romney Speech Could be Least-Watched Acceptance in TV History
--Obama Follows Romney to New Orleans
--Interesting Polling Out of Missouri

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