Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't Be Careful, JUst Tell Us What You Mean.

Rush thinks Penn State is being deliberately destroyed as a university - as opposed to its football program. And it is interesting that "the powers that be" are doing this. Paterno was a football coach and only one man at the school - why all this other crap?

Rush seems to think he knows, but he's being mealy-mouthed about it. Sorry - that's the only way to put it. Since Rush doesn't care what the media says about him, why not just come out and say why he thinks this is happening.

RUSH: Folks, this story... Well, you tell me. The Associated Press: "Penn State has been put on notice by an accrediting organization that says the university's status is 'in jeopardy' based on recent developments in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which accredits universities in the Mid-Atlantic region, cited information in the school's internal investigation led by former FBI director Louis Freeh and the severe penalties imposed by the NCAA ...

"In an Aug. 8 notice, the commission said that Penn State remains accredited while 'on warning' but it wants a monitoring report submitted by the end of next month detailing steps taken to ensure full compliance with governmental requirements, that the university's mission is being carried out, that the commission will be fully informed[,] and that Penn State is complying with standards on leadership and governance as well as integrity."

We are talking about their accreditation as a university. Academic accreditation. If they lose that, they may as well close down. There's no reason to be in business. A degree from Penn State would be meaningless. It would be worthless. Losing your academic accreditation, that is the worst thing that could ever happen to a college. Now, why would they lose their academic accreditation? Are we supposed to believe that a sex scandal in the coaching staff of the football team means that they don't have the academic standards to teach college students?


What? What are you nodding at?


"It's totally ridiculous." I'm a little shocked by this. I'm a little shocked about it in a lot of ways. Ahem. I'd better be careful here. I'd better be real, real careful.


It is, but it happened in the football program. And they've already stripped that bare for all intents and purposes.




Sandusky, he'll never get out of jail. But even if he gets out of jail, this is real piling on. There are some people out there who really want everybody to understand they disapprove of this. This is an incredible amount of piling on. Also in the story here, the accreditation board is questioning Penn State's "financial security." Nothing will threaten their financial stability like threatening to take away their accreditation. It's looking like piling on, but there's something else here.

This looks like some people are out to destroy this university. I know what Sandusky did was reprehensible. But it's by no means the first time anything like this has ever happened anywhere. And the reaction to this incident is way out of proportion to the way it's been reacted to in other instances where adult child sexual molestation has taken place. Something's going on here. This is a huge threat to threaten to take away their accreditation. That effectively shuts down the entire school.

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