Monday, August 27, 2012

Will caucasians ever be able to beat a minority candidate for President?

Every politician seems to treat Obama with kid gloves - because they know that any criticism of him, however legitimate, will be looked upon by everyone - not only the black community! - as racist!

Remember way back when Waters was telling her constituents that they wouldn't criticize Obama unless her constituents gave her permission? There's plenty to criticize him about...but they dare not do it. This is really scary.

NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, brace yourselves. This is key to understanding what will follow. The question in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, it's about five days old, just dug it up. Question: He cares about you. Obama up 22 points over Romney. He cares about you. And that is an improvement over April. April it was 52 to 20-something. Now, in the same poll, only 31% think that Obama is doing a good job or what have you. But he cares about you. That's Obama up 22.

Along those lines, Mitt Romney has told The Politico what the convention theme is gonna be. The convention theme is gonna be "Obama's a nice guy, he's just incompetent." That's the theme of the Republican convention. Obama's up 22 points, and he cares about you. (interruption) What? That is the theme. It's almost word-for-word what the theme of the convention's gonna be. Obama's a nice guy, but he's incompetent. The theory is that the convention will attract people paying attention to politics for the first time all year. And the people who are already paying attention already know what a slime ball Obama is so they don't have to be told. The theory is that people tuning in for the first time don't want to hear a negative tone.

So it is apparent to me that the Republican establishment running this show does not think that we are in a defining moment in America. This is just another election cycle. The Democrat national convention theme is Romney killed the guy's wife. Our theme is, Obama's a nice guy, he's just incompetent. And Romney says, look, I'm who I am. I don't rip into people. I'm not gonna start ripping into people now. I am who I am.

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