Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Protection for young ILLEGAL immigrants begins today

Just saw a newscrawl on one of the may even have been Fox... "protection for young immigrants begins today."

The complicity of the news media in ruining our attempts to stop illegal immigrants from coming into this country is really egregious.

I dont' think they've ever used the word "Illegal" when referring to illegal immigrants. They're always just immigrants, giving most folks who don't pay attention the idea that we're trying to stop all immigration from coming into this country, not just the illegals.

(Although, frankly, we would do well to stop all immigration into Florida, for example. There's nothing racist about it. They are running out of water, and frankly I'd rather have the Everglades exist for the next hundred years then see it drained so a bunch of folks can live in a concrete housing project built over it.  There are several other states that are running out of water because of the drought... yet people keep moving there, too.

And yes, who'd want to live in the arid desert of Africa when they could live in the concrete jungle of the USA? But still, we've got to think of our citizens - which at the moment consists of immigrants from all sorts of countries as well as native born Americans and aboriginal Americans - they should be our government's first concern.

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