Friday, August 3, 2012

Everyone needs a course in logic and critical - or at least clear - thinking

Today Rush pointed out that the criticism of the US basketball team - who beat their opponent, Nigeria, by over 60 points - is hypocritical by folks who were all outraged that some of the Asian badminton women tried to tank their matches so they could meet easier competition in the next round, so as to ensure they would meet their countrywomen in the gold medal match rather than earlier on.

And of course its apples and oranges.

In the badminton game... both teams were doing it! Both were trying to tank! And in any event, when you beat your opponent it's only to 15 points, and the game ends quickly.

Compare that to our professional basketball players, who have been rolling over their opponents. When they played Nigeria, they made 29 three-point shots. Why take three point shots when you're destroying your opponent?

Should they have stopped playing entirely and walked off after the third quarter, declaring the win? No, of course not. Keep playing, keep running plays, but why go for the daggers, the 3-point shots? Just to run up the score and rub it in the face of your opponents.

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