Monday, October 1, 2012

Stay classy, American Golf fans

I wonder how Rush is going to talk about the Ryder Cup loss today...

I think the Americans just got outplayed by the Euros, who had so much emotion going in to this because of the death of Seve Ballesteros..

Did Bubba Watson choke? Well, he lost by 2 I think but he had been losing by 4 with 4 to go...

Brant Snedeker is the one who reallly took it on the chin, losing by 5....

Phil was 1 up on the 17th hole...and his opponent Justin Rose made a fantastic shot to make it all square... if Phil had played the final hole better he could have at least halved the match...but he made a mental mistake - which Rose didn't make.

It's Stricker who I feel sorry for  - everyone is piling on his for not putting well when putting was supposed to be his specialty.

But, you know... it's golf.  Supposed to be a gentleman's game - why can't it be watched by folks who, if not ladies and gentlemen, could at least act like it.

Give props to the Euros, and assure the American team that we still love 'em.

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