Monday, October 1, 2012

Limits on free speech in Europe

Europe doesn't really have free speech. For example, in Germany, it is illegal to say that the Holocaust did not happen.

That's just stupid, as far as I'm concerned.... both that someone could say the Holocaust didn't happen, and that Germany has banned discussion of it.

But...they've got skinheads over there (just like we've got here, unfortunately) who would like to get rid of immigrants - legal and illegal... and unfortunately one of the causes of this is the illegals - the ones who come over and get right on the welfare rolls.

(It's only the rich countries that do this, by the way - if you're an illegal alien in Mexico, for example, you are deported toot sweet - or sent on into the USA!)

So now Muslims want it to be illegal to mock the prophet Muhammad. Well, if folks - and I'm talking atheists, not Muslims - can put a crucifix in a jar of urine and not be shot by Christians, then some film maker who points out the truth about Mohammed don't deserve to be shot either - or arrested.

The thing is, he hasn't been arrested for making the film, as Rush seems to imply. He was on probation for some kind of crime he'd done, and they'd been looking for him, and now they've found him.

But, apparently, at least one news anchor thinks that Obama should lie to the Muslim nations and say that they've imprisoned this guy for what he said about Mohammed. (I'd like to see those Muslim folks imprisoned for what they did to innocent people, meself.)

CBS Radio Reporter Applauds Arrest of Mohammed Filmmaker
RUSH: Here is the story about the CBS Radio reporter: "In a CBS Radio newscast [at noon eastern] on Friday... CBS reporter Dan Raviv expresse[d] relief that the Obama administration can look to the Muslim nations and suggest it can crack down on free speech. After the anchor noted the maker of the [video] is still in jail for a probation violation, Raviv said, 'Now at least federal authorities might be able to punish the filmmaker.'" This is a CBS Radio report celebrating the fact that the administration was able to put this filmmaker in jail and might now "be able to punish him."

And why?

Because of what the filmmaker thinks, as much as what the filmmaker said. This is a media guy. You people in media want to try to tell us that you have not changed, celebrating jail time because of what people think? And this guy that did the video is not responsible for anything. It really is eye opening. Well, no, it wasn't eye opening. It wasn't surprising. That was the thing about it. When I read it, it wasn't surprising to me.

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